About Monica Jakovich

About the Author and Creator of Possible Being: Monica Jakovich

I am  full of surprises and contradictions! What you see, doesn’t match what you get! My interests are diverse, my passions varied. I am confident, adaptable, intelligent, tolerant, extremely quick-witted, funny, but also humble. (Can you tell?) My educated mind is ALWAYS active.  I tend to sit back and assess situations, and then stun people with the accuracy of my observations!

Warning: I also overuse punctuation!!!!!!!

I have about 10 years experience working as a psychologist in Western Australia. I’m university educated in both Psychology, and Exercise and Sports Science. (Yes crazy!) Nowadays most books on my shelves are based around self-help, spiritualism, and autobiographies. I’m constantly researching and reading late into the night about many different things. I know lots about psychology, spirituality, sexuality, and the self.  Luckily I don’t know everything! (Indeed I admitted that online!)

I’m a professional, single-by-preference, working mother-of-one plus French Bulldog. Besides writing, my other passions include motor-sport, F1, and photography. Believe this – I race cars! (With trophies for proof!!!) Yes I’m a Tom-Boy, but I’ve worked as a model too! I also enjoy surfing,  summer music festivals, and laughing at my own jokes!

My childhood was lonely growing up on a remote wheat’n’sheep farm in Western Australia. By 10 years old, I owned my first car, which I drove around the farm. My wild imagination kept me company since my two sisters and brothers were over 8 years younger than me. Age 12 years old I ‘left home’ to attend boarding school in the nearest city 243 kilometres away. Although I’m a country girl at heart, I prefer  the city. I love negotiating our wild and fascinating world having travelled to 4 of 7 world continents.

I make my own big girl decisions, drum up the necessary courage, make plans, and then move forward, looking back only to learn the life lesson.  I make some mistakes but I also practise what I preach. Only then I can look patients in the eye with sincerity and integrity. I try to live every day in a way, that in the end, I will have few regrets.

My mind is strong, my heart is open, my soul is free!

Question is – are you ready to walk with me?

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