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How to Become a Winner in 250 words or less!

How to Become a Winner

To become a winner you must first be a loser.

You need to feel the pain and heartache of losing.

To know that you want better for yourself.

From losing,  you must find your way out.

And do ‘the  inner work’ to lift yourself up.

No drugs. No drinking. No blaming.

Every single time life knocks you down.

You must get yourself back up!

Life is tough forever and always.

So become good at getting back up.

Become good at recovering from losing .

Win the fight over your losses.

Then once you learn to win at losing.

You will stop being a loser, and become a winner.

Because from that day on, no loss will ever be a loss.

A winner is just somebody who’s better at losing.

Once you  master how to win at losing.

You will always be a winner!

By Monica Jakovich

Become a Possible Being.