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Included Parties

This disclaimer covers ALL of the blog entity, from now on referred to as the “Blog”; its author, Monica Jakovich (address withheld for privacy purposes), from now on referred to as the “Author” and; any and all companies and commercial business entities connected with, or owned by the Author, from now on referred to as the “Company”.

This disclaimer applies to any person/s or entities that visit on this WordPress blog platform, AND any person/s or entity exposed to content from this main Blog platform that shows up on other platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn or any other formats, printed, online,  or otherwise. These person/s and entities from now on will be referred to as the ‘Reader’.

Blog Content

All visual, literary and other content included with are the personal views and opinions of the Author, and are NOT the views or opinions of any third party company, organisation, association, or institution that the Author belongs or has belonged, unless otherwise stated. All content from third party sources or any other contributors, will include a reference when available.  All care taken to include referencing when appropriate and when required. Any unacknowledged similarity between Blog content and content found elsewhere on the internet or any other source is purely accidental and coincidental.

No Responsibility Taken

Although a registered psychologist, the Author does not provide professional advice in this Blog. Even though some Blog content may mimic professional advice, neither the Blog nor the Author presumes to provide professional advice at any time on this Blog or on other formats mentioned above. The Blog encourages the Reader to embark on journey of self discovery, preferably with professional assistance from third party medical care. This Blog is NOT a counselling service and does NOT provide therapeutic care or psychological assessments, to neither Readers nor their family, friends or associates.  This Blog does NOT constitute nor provide one-to-one psychological counselling. This blog is NOT a substitution for professional medical care or psychological counselling.  This Blog is NOT an emergency service. The Author WILL NOT respond to any and all requests to provide emergency psychological care or crisis support. Please seek professional medical or psychological help in your home town or city if required.

If you require emergency help – go to the emergency department at your nearest hospital.  If you are worried about driving – catch a taxi or ask someone you trust to drive you.

If you live in Australia, phone Lifeline on 13 11 44 for 24 hour telephone crisis support and suicide prevention. Or visit 

All major towns and cities in developed countries will have similar crisis call phone lines and websites.

If the Reader, takes Blog content and applies it to their own, or others’ situations, it is at the Readers’ and other’s risk and neither the Blog, the Author, nor the Company, will be held responsible for any outcomes, financial, psychological or otherwise, now or in the future.

The Author’s opinion is her own and she won’t be held responsible for what actions the Reader takes as a result of her words.

This disclaimer also releases the Blog,  Author, and Company, from being held liable for any statements or comments the Author might make and/or Blog content that could be considered offensive to someone from another country, religion,  race, culture, or political persuasion.

Blog Aims to Educate and Entertain

The Blog aims to both educate and entertain Readers, with an interesting combination of literary appeal, visual stimulation, humour, and helpful information. Blog content combines the Author’s personal stories and professional experiences, sometimes infused with basic psychological principles, psychological terminology, psychological concepts, and elements of therapeutic interventions. Content may also include related medical and health information.

Blog Images and Literary Works

All images (unless otherwise stated) are Author’s own photography, and thereby protected by copyright laws. All photos, images, and any further edited versions, remain solely the Author’s property, and are not for Reader’s personal, commercial or otherwise use. All written content, including poetry, is Author’s creation, and therefore also protected by copyright laws.

Reader Comments

The Blog gives Readers opportunities to provide comments. The Author may or may not check Reader comments before comments go live online.  Readers should please comment where appropriate with respect and thoughtfulness. The Author, Blog and Company won’t be held responsible for any repercussions to any persons as a result of Reader feedback and comments. Readers encouraged to give positive feedback. Some Reader comments and feedback may be used as testimonials, and the Author won’t contact the Reader for their consent before publishing said testimonials online. Online Testimonials will be de-identified, and include only initials and city/town if known. Otherwise all testimonials will be anonymous, showing only date of original source. Readers reserve the right to request a testimonial be removed once proof of authorship determined, but the Author may or may not agree to this request

Blog Ads

Third party advertisements that are sponsored by a company  not affiliated with the Author, Blog or Company, may be included on the Blog. The Blog, Author, and Company are not responsible for any negative repercussions that may result from a Reader accessing the advertiser’s website from this Blog.

Final Points on Disclaimer

The Author reserves the right to update this Disclaimer at any time without notifying the Reader of the updates. Updated Disclaimers cover all aspects mentioned in the original Disclaimer with updates taking effect immediately once published online. Updates may be either minor updates such as spelling or wording corrections, or major updates taken under the guidance of a lawyer. Only major updates to this Disclaimer conducted by a lawyer will require the Version number to change incrementally. The Author reserves the right to uphold this Disclaimer in any court of law, at any time, when deemed necessary, using any legal resources at her disposal.

(Version 2014:001. Dated 13th March 2014,  at 1:57am AWST)


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